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Terms and Condition

Welcome to our playercard network. These are our terms and conditions for the use of our network. Please read the terms and conditions of use before registering and using the playercard:

1. The information provided by the customer in the registration form is based on valid, up-to-date information

2. Registration is completed once the customer receives the playercard. Superbet will call the customer to receive the card at a location near you.

3. Superbet may modify these terms for any reason at any time, by introducing a new version. These changes do not effect rights or obligations that arose prior to these changes.

4. Superbet is not responsible if the card is lost, stolen or defect. In any of the before mentioned cases the customer must contact Superbet headquarters as soon as possible.

5. All content, logo's and other visual material is Superbet intellectual property and is protected by copyrights law.

6. Users of this card can be terminated in case of abuses or at discretion. Of In case of any indiscretion, fraud, abuse or any suspicious behaviour Superbet upholds the right to conviscate the player card, block or deacivate the customers account and erminate the relationship with the abuser.

7. The card can not be sold, traded for top up or transfered to a another individual.

8. It is prohibited for customers to place bets with any card but their own.

9. Superbet guarantees discretion and privacy of card users at all time.

By clicking on "AGREE", you agree to all terms and conditions of Superbet. Cancel AGREE (admin) (Means form will not deliver).


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